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We believe organising finance should NOT be a stressful experience.

SMS Finance have an outstanding record and reputation in helping clients with their Vehicle and Equipment purchases through access to a comprehensive range of Equipment Finance products via a wide range of lenders.

Our team has a thorough understanding in all areas of Equipment Finance and are here to ensure your experience is a positive one. Whether it’s a car, truck, trailer, plant & equipment, mining machinery, farm machinery, office equipment/computer system, or a specialised piece of equipment, there are a range of financing options to suit you, these include:

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Chattel Mortgage

A chattel mortgage involves a loan which gives your financier a Registered Charge over your asset, but gives you ownership of the asset from day one. We would recommend that you check with your accountant or adviser about which type of equipment finance would best suit your business needs. Our process of obtaining finance is made hassle free saving you time and effort. We will walk you through the whole deal ensuring the approval process runs smoothly. Your personal consultant and our friendly professional staff will always be available to answer any questions at any time. This care and attention also applies long after your loan settles, you can always talk to us.


Leasing allows you to obtain goods without a capital outlay and then upgrade them at the end of the lease period.
Leasing has GST implications, so check with your accountant or advisor first.

Novated lease

A Novated lease is a flexible, convenient way for a salary-packaged employee to lease a vehicle through their employer. After signing a Novation agreement, the employer makes lease payments on behalf of the employee. However, the employee remains responsible for the payments during and after employment has ceased. (There are tax implications relating to a Novated Lease, professional advice is recommended).

Hire Purchase

A hire purchase is an agreement to purchase a vehicle or equipment subject to payment terms, which means you gain equity in the asset with each instalment made.


A Rental Operating Lease is ideal for items such as technology – based equipment which becomes quickly superseded and rapidly depreciates.

Please call (07) 54 300 900 or email with any enquiry or a no obligation Quote.

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